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Sun Clinical Laboratories is a Federal (Medicare) and State (Medi-Cal) certified full service lab that has serviced our community for over 30 years. Under the direction of a term of well qualified Pathologists and Lab Scientists, we are proud to offer efficient, accurate and personalize care to our clients and patients. We take pride in our quality control, automation, customer service personnel, in combination with our convenient operating hours and our comprehensive courier service.

Our Service

Sun Clinical lab actively participates in various proficiency programs such as American Association of Bio-Analysis and are compliant with government programs such as Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to ensure that our honest and competitive fees are backed by an extensive quality assurance program.

Sun Clinical Lab looks forward to work with you and your practice in providing excellent care to our patients.

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Special Notice (COVID-19)

As the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19) intensifies, more and more tests are being offered to help identify people with the virus and those that have been exposed to the virus. Since the beginning of April, Sun Clinical Laboratories has offered COVID-19 PCR testing using nasal/oral swabs. Now Sun Clinical Laboratories is also offering COVID-19 antibody testing through the blood. As per regulation, Sun Clinical Laboratories is not allowed to collect COVID-19 swab samples from patients at any of our drawing stations. These swab testing has to be done at a doctor’s office or a clinic. With the new antibody testing, Sun Clinical Laboratories is able to draw the patient’s blood at any of our stations as long as they have a doctor’s order with them. All of our drawing stations will observe social distancing and will routinely sanitize the stations to minimize exposure to the virus. All patients should wear a mask when entering our facilities and should follow social distancing guidelines to the best of their ability. We do request that patient please make an appointment for blood work, but walk-ins are still acceptable. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these difficult and uncertain times. Should you have any questions, feel free to call the main lab at (626)-234-2355 or visit our website at 

隨著新冠狀病毒(COVID-19)的傳播加劇,越來越多種類的檢驗項目被美國藥物暨食品檢驗局 (FDA) 所准許。自4月初以來,旭日化驗所提供了COVID-19 PCR檢測。由於這個檢驗需要採集病人口腔或鼻腔的病原檢體,而根據規定,旭日化驗所不被允許採檢COVID-19病原檢體。現在,旭日化驗所新增一項血液中COVID-19的抗體檢測項目。這種抗體檢測,一般只要有醫生開立的檢驗單,就能來任何一所我們的抽血站採集患者的血液,然後送交化驗。我們所有的抽血站都依照美國疾病管制中心 (CDC) 的建議規範,儘量保持社交距離,並定期對工作環境進行消毒。所有患者進入我們的設施時都應戴上口罩,並應盡最大可能保持社交距離。我們強烈建議,所有患者都能先經由電話預約,再到抽血站採檢您的檢體。沒有預約的患者仍然會予以受理,但有預約的患者將會優先處理。感謝您在此困難時期的理解與合作。如有任何疑問,請致電(626)234-2355與總公司聯繫,或造訪我們的官方網站。


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